Strictly Studio. Our name introduces us better than we ever would.
Strictly Introduction

We are Strictly. An Athens (GR) based creative studio committed to provide bespoke solutions that help brands, people and organizations communicate their true character and unfold their stories.

Starting from research and strategy, we build brands, develop design systems and craft digital products & experiences that set out by combining high aesthetics with functionality. We don’t adhere to any design style obsessions. Instead, we stay alert to find the ultimate fit and tune our process according to each project that we undertake. Established by Vasilis Pallas to accommodate 10+ years of expertise in the physical and digital realm of the design and communication industry, Strictly is a space dedicated to creative people and innovative ideas, fostered by a rich and diverse network of communication and tech specialists.

To understand each client’s objective and deliver solutions that will meet any directive, we read through briefs and bring on board the right expert to work closely with our core team. This approach has allowed us to think holistically and tap into a wealth of perspectives, ensuring that we are led to finding solutions from different angles and considering a multitude of possibilities.

  • We have no obsessions over specific design styles.We serve the brief, not a particular design school. Consistency is our own disorder.
  • We don’t treat designs as magic tricks to impress clients, but rather we involve them in the process. TOGETHER WE GO FURTHER.
  • We doubt everything before making decisions. We explore different paths to find the one that fits best. Decisions are hard to make, but in the end OUR INSTINCT NEVER FAILS US.
  • We know how stressful launching a product can be. Yet, we also know how to orchestrate this overwhelming workflow by combining different practices. In a concert made of creatives & techies WE ACT AS MAESTROS.
  • We believe that every design decision should serve a clear objective, whether it’s to communicate a message or solve a problem. WE STRIVE FOR DESIGN ANCHORED IN PURPOSE.
  • We embrace different perspectives, backgrounds as well as personalities to foster a truly inclusive environment. We might do things strictly, yet WE ARE ANYTHING BUT STRICT.
Strictly Business

We undertake versatile projects of all scales, ranging from well-established global corporations to emerging start-ups, that align with our core values. Engaging with ambitious clients who are dedicated to what they do, makes us even more passionate to dive into their project’s genuine essence and together unfold their story.