Hatsios Development Real estate development since 1955
  • Client : Hatsios
  • Year : 2021
  • Sector : Real Estate
  • Disciplines : Brand identity, Creative direction, Web Design, UI/UX
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Hatsios, has been active in the real estate development landscape of Athens since 1955, with a focus on residential developments. As a family-owned company, Hatsios takes pride in developing enduring properties that stand as a testament to comfort and functionality, thoughtfully designed to resonate with generations to come. This dedication has shaped its reputation for creating user-conscious properties of uncompromising quality.


We were invited to embark on a transformative journey with the goal to establish Hatsios to a prominent position in the market. Our objective was to establish a fresh, enduring identity that reflects the company’s core values, showcasing its functional and modern aesthetic. Under this scope we undertook the redesign of the company’s brand identity and a total revamp of its digital presence through a tailor made website.