Aura Homes A real-estate brand with aetherial essence
  • Client : Aura Homes
  • Year : 2022
  • Sector : Hospitality
  • Disciplines : Brand identity, Brand positioning, Art Direction, Web design
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Aura Homes is a real estate development company based in Athens, Greece, created by a multidisciplinary team that works across the fields of architecture and interior design, with the common purpose of creating a unique and timeless experience for its visitors. We were approached to design a brand identity that would reflect the brand’s clean and ethereal essence and mirror its elegance and minimal luxury, in addition to the building of their digital window to the world –  their website, which would mainly serve as their residences’ portfolio. 


To this end, we created a clean branding with soft, sandblast colors, leaving room for typography and imagery to play the leading role. The company’s integrated brand identity included stationery items and merchandising for every visitor passing by.